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lunes, 6 de febrero de 2012

I imagine.

I imagine that
I am waiting for your arrival,
I imagine that you get
with your beautiful smile
and your sensual clothes
you sliding on the floor
as if you float in,
imagine as you take your size,
I kiss your neck slowly,
sucking you smell,
delicious aroma of Wild Roses,
imagine that I feel
the silkiness of your clothes.
Stick your hot body,
feeling each of your folds,
wrapped your erect nipples
between my lips,
I embrace your candid breasts
with my hands
and I help them
in their weightlessness, 
I'll kiss your back along
its entire length,
slip my tongue
across your borders
vibrating demanding my lips.
I guess weigh you in my arms,
take you to the edge of the bed,
take off with subtle pulling your clothes,
leaving your body
from my gaze drifting. 

José Flores. 2/3/12.

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